Supporting USA-based service-oriented small business owners and solo professionals

TinaK Sep 10, 2023
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Do you agree, that when you work at large companies, help is always around the corner?

Be it the IT Department, the Marketing Department, the Finance Department or any other assistance, it’s usually always right next door, a few offices away.

But when you work on your own – as a solopreneur or as the owner of a small business – it’s up to YOU to keep the business running smoothly. In addition to doing the work itself.

That can be frustrating and quite time-consuming. Even when all goes well, it keeps you from the work you’d rather be doing, right?

And that’s when I come in. As a virtual assistant, I support USA-based service-oriented solo professionals and small business owners to operate more efficiently. I handle all the things you don’t really want to be doing so that you can get back to the work you created your business for.