Lets Work

I support service-based, solo professionals operate more efficiently, so they can do the work they would rather be doing.

Here’s a sample of what I can do for you:

Marketing and Communications

  • Custom designed email signatures

  • Custom designed PDF forms

  • Business Cards

  • Add video and audio files to your websites

  • Create, format and publish your newsletter

  • Format and upload blog posts

  • Set up and manage your social media pages and updates

  • Website review and critique for improvements

  • Set up a service to collect email addresses via text

Managing the Day to Day

  • Screen/answer emails

  • Edit and format your business papers

  • Enter contacts and information and manage your client database

  • Order supplies, equipment, and business gifts

  • Post articles and special products and events to your blog and social media accounts

  • Client invoicing and follow up on outstanding invoices

  • Set up recurring payment transactions

  • Assistance with new client on-boarding

  • WordPress website updates


  • Find just the person, place, or thing you're looking for, whether it's a software solution, a hotel to host an event or the latest technology.

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